En cyklist mot bakljus i en stad

FFI Accelerate

The mission of Accelerate is to contribute to an increasing pace of transition to sustainable road transport through broad cooperation and major system demonstrations. In Accelerate, innovative system solutions with high societal benefits will be demonstrated on a large scale.

Projects are characterised by following 

  • Are challenge-driven and critical to the transition to sustainable road transportation. 
  • Are large-scale and demonstrated in a real environment to verify the system effects.
  • Have established a strong and broad cooperation throughout the value chain
  • Has a high level of technical maturity and has the potential to be implemented within a few years. The focus should be on societal benefit and attainability. 
  • Are scalable in a national and international context.
  • Have a clear system perspective. 

Calls for proposals



Chairman Per Wenner

Program manager: Anna Karlsson, Vinnova


Deputy Program manager Peter Kasche, Energimyndigheten


Peter Jozsa Mårdberg, AB Volvo

Ulf Ceder, Scania

Gisela Blomqvist, Volvo Cars

Fredrik Sidahl, FKG

Clara Irons-Wallin, Energimyndigheten

Maria Krafft, Trafikverket

Christina Kvarnström, Vinnova

Hanna Bernemyr, Mobility Sweden (adjungerad)