Templates and guidance

Here we have collected guidance, templates and logs.

How to apply within a call for porposal

Within four of our sub-programmes you apply funding by using Vinnova’s e-service. Regarding the sub-programme Zero Emission where you apply by using the Swedish Energy Agency’s application portal.

Vinnova´s e-services

Swedish Energy Agency portal

Before you apply

Before you apply funding, it is important that you read through the text for the current call, FFI’s roadmap and the general conditions for applying funding.


General terms and conditions for funding

Here you can get support and guidance in understanding the conditions for the four sub-programmes that Vinnova is responsible for. Subprogramme Zero Emissions has its term sdescribed in the call text.

Guidance Vinnova

Templates when applying funding

In the case of a proposal for funding for a project, a project description and CV are filled in. These are available in Swedish and English and apply to all five sub-programmes. Keep in mind that the project description differs between feasibility study and full-scale project.

Project description – pre-study (docx, 275 kB)

Project description full-scale project (docx, 285 kB)

CV template (docx, 39 kB)

Report and communicate the project

At the start of the project, all parties must fill in participant’s approval. This applies to project within all five sub-programmes

Participant´s approval

Here you will find support for how to start and report an FFI project

To start and report

Here is a template for the final report of a project within FFI. It must be completed and attached to the final report.

Final report

When you communicate a granted project, please use our logos. The project results must state that the work has been carried out with support of FFI.

FFI logo svart EPS

FFI logo vit EPS