Questions and answers

Here we have collected the most common questions we receive about applying and reporting. Please let us know if there is any information you are missing.

What does it mean that the entire sub-programme must have at least 50% industry funding? Can I get a higher support rate in my project?

Vinnova intends to grant funding of a maximum of 50% for the entire sub-programme. A maximum of 50% is the general rule, but in some project a higher or lower contribution rate may be appropriate. Each individual project must have at least 25% business financing. All costs in the budget must meet Vinnova’s eligibility requirements at eligible costs. Vinnova does not finance companies that are in financial difficulties.

Who assesses the applications?

The applications that meet the formal requirements are assessed by independent experts based on specified assessment criteria. The evaluators give a balanced judgment and recommendation on rejection or approval, which is then processed by the program council in the respective sub-programme within FFI. The Program Council assesses the relevance of the application from a strategic perspective in relation to the current roadmap and submits a recommendation to the responsible public authority.

The Program Council’s recommendation is based on the content of proposal, a written judgment from the evaluators and any additions and comments from FFI’s office. In case of disagreement, the matter is passed on to FFI’s board of directors for assessment. The decision to grant or reject the project application is made by Vinnova. The Swedish Transport Administration’s decision is enforced by Vinnova.

Can salary costs be counted as in-kind?

Yes. As long as these are factual and auditable.

How much research needs to be included in my project and what is the difference to development?

FFI is a collaboration between the state and the automotive industry to jointly finance research, innovation and development activities. Project activities that are approved within FFI must be covered by one of the support bases that are current for the respective call text.

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What happens if I apply to the wrong part program within FFI?

If your proposal should obviously be in another sub-program and it becomes clear after the call for proposals has closed, there is an opportunity for the FFI office to adjust this. However, this adjustment should be avoided and in case of uncertainty you are welcome to contact the relevant programme manager before submitting a proposal.

Do municipal companies count as companies?

Yes, municipal companies are counted as businesses. An actor is considered to carry out economic activities if the actor carries out an activities that involves offering goods or services on a market. Actors who carry out economic activities are considered companies, which actualizes state aid rules.

Do regions and county councils count as companies?

No, regions and county councils are not companies. Funding to parties that do not conduct economic activities, for example research organizations, academia and actors in the public sector, funding is granted with support of regulation (2009:1101) with instructions for the Agency for innovation system. Such actors can be granted funding with up to 100% of the eligible costs.

Does a bicycle count as a vehicle within FFI?


Is co-financing also required for preliminary studies?


What are eligible costs?

For a cost to be eligible for support, it must be actual, auditable and incurred within the project period. Accounting for project costs must be distinguishable from the company’s other transactions. This also applies to any parties who are not beneficiary.

Instructions for eligible costs (pdf, 441 kB)

Does the probability of getting the project approved decrease if there are only two parties in the project?

No, there is nothing negative in itself about being only two parties. However, it could possibly be judged that some perspective is missing in the consortium, depending on what the project is about.

Is there a recommended upper limit for how much funding a project can apply for?

No, not right away. How much funding a participant can be granted depends, among other things, on the size of the organization. The document for government support clarifies what applies to various large organizations that carry out economic activities. Each participant is responsible for ensuring that funding received does not exceed the aid intensity permitted according to the rules for state support. Please note that the maximum grant share per project is not the same as the maximum permitted support level per participant.

Support levels, definitions, etc. for funding (pdf, 514 kB)

What does it mean that \”the project has not started before proposal is submitted\”? The research/development/innovation work goes on continuously.

A work may have started before proposal is submitted, but no costs for the project that have been worked out before the project decision will be granted, i.e. costs before the project decision will not be financed by FFI.

Does the call for proposals include work machines or is it only vehicles on public roads?

FFI is directed to road transport. Vehicles on public roads are included in the call for proposals which means that work machines on the road can also be included.

What counts as a participant, can it for example be a parent company or a subcontractor?

In principle, an organization other than your own (other organization number) is counted as another participant. The party needs to have costs in the project. In the assessment of proposal the project’s constellation of actors and its relevance to the project as a whole are taken into account.

What does it mean that the call for proposals \”includes implementation\”?

In all sub-programmes, the projects are assessed on potential, implementation and actors, which is important for how well the project can be implemented.

Are demo projects rated too extensive and expensive?

Demonstration projects of varying scope can be financed via all sub-programmes. In the Accelerate sub-programme, more comprehensive and large-scale demonstrations are welcomed where the solutions are demonstrated in a real environment to verify the system effects.

What can be changed between calls for proposals, for example focus areas, tasks and assessment criteria?

FFI has a roadmap that indicates the strategic and longer-term direction, but each individual call for proposals is independent. It is therefore important to always read the specific call text and all appendices. If you have questions, you should contact the responsible programme manager.

Do applications written in English have a disadvantage in the assessment?

No, but choose Swedish if both options are possible.

Is there a difference if participant comes from the Nordics vs the rest of the world?

Foreign actors may be relevant and possibly necessary to include as project partners in the project. If these actors do not have a branch or place of business in Sweden, they cannot receive support from Vinnova.

Is combi traffic included in FFI?

FFI is aimed at road transport, but also solutions that are part of the interface between different types of traffic, intermodal transportation and combined traffic can receive FFI funding.

Can a participant get help from FFI to be matched with another participant?

The FFI office organizes conferences, meetings and workshops with aim of supporting new collaborations. Information is available both on FFI’s website and FFI’s Linkedin page.

As an applicant, can you get a \”screening\” of your proposal before you send it in to see if the project matches the criteria?

Nope. All formal eligibility requirements for proposal can be found in the call text and it is important that applicant ensures that these are met. The project’s matching against the assessment criteria is done by a group of assessors only after the call has closed and it is therefore not possible to get a screening before proposal is submitted.

Do you have to include an OEM, such as Volvo or Scania in your project?


My company is not included in FKG, can I still apply?