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Calls for proposals

FFI enables road transport innovations for a sustainable society. The programme promotes and finances research and innovation to sustainable road transport. Here you will find our calls for proposals for all sub-programmes.

Our calls for proposals

FFI has five sub-programmes. Four of these are thematic: Circularity, Zero emissions, Traffic-safe automation and Transport and mobility services. In order to finance large and complex project that involve several partners and cross several thematic areas, we have a fifth sub-programme: Accelerate.

All calls for proposals within our sub-programmes can be found below.

FFI Circularity, focusing on climate and environmental impacts from a life-cycle perspective and strengthening sustainability throughout the value chain linked to the development, production and decommissioning of vehicles.

FFI Zero Emissions, focusing on the climate and environmental impact of the automotive sector by developing and integrating fossil-free and electrified vehicles with their infrastructure and users.

FFI Safe Automated Driving, focusing on improving road safety and making transport more sustainable through safe connected automated vehicles prepared for shared use.

FFI Transport and Mobility Services, focusing on developing services, transport solutions and systems integration to enable a more resource efficient and sustainable transport system.

FFI Accelerate, focusing on accelerated transformation through system demonstration, scale-up and demand-driven projects addressing all system dimensions

Calls for proposals in 2024

.All sub-programmes have two call for proposals during 2024. The first is open during the spring and the second is open during the autumn.

En illustration av bedömningsprocessen som visar att utlysningarna är öppna ett par månader i början och mitten av året, varpå beslut fattas ett par månader senare.

Timetable 2024

  • January: Our calls for proposals are opening
  • March: Our calls for proposals are closing
  • May: Funding decision announced to the projects
  • August: Our calls for proposals are opening
  • October: Our calls for proposals are closing
  • November: Funding decision announced to the projects