Magnet med stora mängder metallskrot

FFI Circularity

The mission of the programme is to minimise climate and environmental impacts from a life-cycle perspective and to strengthen sustainability throughout the value chain linked to the development, production and decommissioning of vehicles, including their components. This will develop and improve opportunities for future production in Sweden.

Focus areas

  • Design for circularity
    • Optimising the lifetime of products, materials and components. Or taking responsibility for the whole value chain, through circular business models.
  • Social sustainability throughout the value chain
    • Ethical and social aspects of sustainability. Or retaining employees and attracting new skills through solutions and technologies for physical and cognitive support.
  • Climate neutral, circular manufacturing and recycling
    • New technologies, including adapting to electrification and reducing current environmental footprint. Or creating conditions for robust production chains.
  • Other areas contributing to the mission of the programme
    • New materials, technologies or methods that radically minimise the environmental impact from development, production and decommissioning of vehicles.

Calls for proposals



Chairman: Jenny Bramell

Program manager Tero Stjernstoft, Vinnova

Deputy Program manager Peter Kasche, Energimyndigheten


Johan Svenningstorp (tf för Lina Moritz), AB Volvo

Eric Falkgrim, Scania

Anna Davidsson, Volvo Cars

Fredrik Sidahl, FKG

Elinor Kruse, Energimyndigheten

Sven Hunhammar, Trafikverket

Ida Langborg, Vinnova

Hanna Bernemyr, Mobility Sweden (adjungerad)